Monday, May 31, 2010

summer whites

Welcome Summer!

When I think of summer ~ I think of white . . . crisp, clean white. 
Enjoy this charming tribute to Summer whites!

Summer White Inspirations

~ outdoor space ~
photo by Country Living

~ crisp white bed linens ~

Light and airy, white opens the smallest spaces and brings cohesion to large rooms filled with furnishings. 
~ Country Living

~ heaven ~

 ~ simple white dress ~
courtesy of Marie Claire

White textiles are as basic as they are special.

~white linen on clothes line ~
photo by Country Living

  White isn't just the absence of color, it's the backdrop against which color is free to play and reflect, soothing our hearts and calming our minds ~ Sarah Van Arsdale

~simple, understated appetizer ~
photo by Jolly Cooking

White dishes, like the plates and pedestal below , don't detract from the beauty of the food you're serving.

~ white linen napkin ~

~ elegant white platter stand ~
photo by Country Cream

 ~ summer entertaining ~
photo by fete and feast

When an object is cast in white, its unique character comes to the fore and is rendered at its most pure, simple - and beguiling. ~ Country Living

~ white footed bowl ~
photo by Party Dress

White can brighten up a garden and is a good choice for dark areas of landscape.

 ~ white peony ~

~ summer dreams ~

White is considered a neutral color in landscape design.  Its appearance can be used as a background for other colors.

~ catalina white linen ~

~ elegant white cake ~

The rich, sweet scent of French vanilla is a strong and creamy fragrance that is great year round. 
It is a scent that is calming, consoling, soothing, purifying, and centering. ~ Scent It

~ homemade vanilla ice cream ~

~ vintage cake stands ~

~ fresh whipped cream ~

~ vanilla cookies ~

~ classic summer meringue pie ~
photo by McCormick

~ Roasted Potato & Leek Soup ~
photo by FineCooking

~ summer evening dining ~
photo by the Innovation Companies

In the presence of white, you can feel the presence of light itself.

~ sparklers ~ a summer pastime ~
photo by Country Living

  The first of all single colors is white . . .  
We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire;
and black for total darkness.
~Leonardo da Vinci 


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