Monday, June 14, 2010


I've always been a fan of black and white patterns, especially the classics . . . like houndstooth.  Unfortunately, we don't see enough of this classic black and white pattern in design anymore. 

Also called four-in-four check, guncheck or sometimes dogstooth, houndstooth originated in Scotland at an unrecorded date. Looking back on fashion and design history, houndstooth seems to reinvent itself every 20 to 30 years.

Its traditional colors are black and white, though modern versions use more colorful substitutions like brown & white, pink & white, blue & white, and green & white. I've seen these brighter colors incorporated in
~ charming nursery room designs
~ small details of bridal and baby showers
~ home decor . . . throw blankets and accent pillows, curtains, 
    and rugs
~ beautiful petit coats and stylish shoes, even bracelets and          
~ invitations and beautiful silk ribbons

In time, the current slew of bright, bold designs will pass and be replaced by "the next big thing;" and then in a decade or so, a designer will bring it back, and repeat the cycle of houndstooth in the fashion & design industry as a whole.  

As for me . . . I can't wait to see it reinvented again!

a tribute to classic houndstooth .  .  .
~ apron ~
jessie steele

~ houndstooth ottoman & accent pillows ~
osbourne and little

~ prescott houndstooth chair ~

~ Valentino houndstooth fleur bag ~

~ houndstooth decanter ~
Eddie Ross

~ houndstooth pillow and curtain ~
 southern livng

~ houndstooth accent ~
 stylin home

~ houndstooth neck pillow ~
SimplySuzannes etsy shoppe

~ houndstooth checked rug ~
William Sonoma Home 

~ cupcake liners ~
all things cupcake

~ over-sized houndstooth print chairs ~

~ houndstooth invitation ~
meri meri

~houndstooth chair ~

~ houndstooth themed monogrammed cookies ~
the celebration shoppe

~ houndstooth storage ~
style bakery

~ Moschino houndstooth heels with corsage ~

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  1. Those are awesome pictures Suzanne. I love houndstooth. I had an awesome houndstooth wool skirt with I was in high school. Why do we never save those thing?? I save tons of other useless stuff, but miss the classics! Great post. Black and white is always so classic.


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