Wednesday, July 20, 2011

moonlight parfait mandevilla

A charming find . . . .

I spent last Saturday with my mom and a few close friends at a beautiful Tea House ~ celebrating my birthday. 

Lisa, also a flower-enthusiast and gardener, presented me with a  Moonlight Parfait Mandevilla.  The beauty of its flower captivates me. They resemble a pink trumpet flower, but with a most beautiful feature . . . a rose-like double center.  So feminine.

This charming find is exclusive from Monrovia

Those close to me know that I love to stroll through gardens and appreciate their inherent beauty. 

My garden is modest and very dear to my heart. Each fern, rose, and flower has a special story and meaning behind it. 

I tend to it often, and find solace there when I need a little peace and quiet from a busy day. I've found it to be a pleasant place to enjoy a cup of tea and relax with my favorite magazines. 

I am so happy to add this beautiful & charming flower to my garden.

A few charming facts . . . 

The moonlight parfait mandevilla has 
enormous trumpet-shaped, semi-double blossoms that occur all 
summer, and even longer in frost-free zones.

Its pink buds open to white, trumpet shaped blooms 
with a rose-like double center that are iridescent under moonlight. 

Cooler temperatures cause flowers to blush pink

This vigorous plant with glossy, green leaves will 
climb into trellis, lattice or arbor, and even drape over fences. 

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