Monday, July 25, 2011

the Tea House on Los Rios

. . . is a lovely restaurant, nestled in the historic district of San Juan Capistrano.

I recently celebrated my birthday here.

It has been a favorite of mine for many years. It's a charming restaurant that my mom, close friends, and I visit for fine dining on special occasions. 

~ tea cup filled with vanilla ice cream & fresh fruit ~
A candle was added for a happy birthday!

It was my first time sitting on the veranda over-looking the lush gardens and Los Rios ~ a narrow, historic dirt road ~ spotted with charming shops and strolling visitors and locals. 

The east-facing veranda - where we were seated - was shaded by towering white birch trees that bear long billowing branches that filled the air with pleasant sounds of gently falling rain. 

From my seat - I could see through the gift shop window to a waterfall made from an antique Parisian shower and tub surrounded with kitchen herbs and edible flowers.  


White linen draped tables line the veranda that wraps around this charming house, each displaying a feminine porcelain tea pot filled with roses, and a matching sugar bowl. Linen napkins adorn each place setting. 

It's hard not to feel like a lady when you're surrounded by such elegance and beauty.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this lovely destination is it's crumpets and heart-shaped scones served atop a petite china plate and a white doily!


Or perhaps its that every plate - when served - is adorned with a rose, and each one is different. 


The Tea House on Los Rios is not only for those who love tea; but it's also a destination for those who have a love affair of beauty and fine dining.

For me, it's a lovely place to share & celebrate a special occasion. 

My afternoon was a wonderful, quiet celebration with my mom and a few close family friends. We enjoyed food that was divine, sipped tea for hours, and enjoyed one anther's company until the late hours of the afternoon.

The Tea House on Los Rios is truly a gem.

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