Friday, August 26, 2011

baby boy ~ baby shower desserts

I baked and prepared desserts for a baby boy ~ baby shower this week . . . and had so much fun designing, creating, and baking for this affair.

The Miette inspired dessert menu included 

double chocolate cupcakes 
with a velvety smooth and rich cream cheese frosting

lady fingers 
filled with fresh lemon curd
& sprinkled with powdered sugar  
Honey Tea Cakes 
served with fresh strawberries 

and . . . 
 petite Honey Tea Cakes 
 with raspberry buttercream & fresh raspberries  

I created a menu that would not only satisfy the chocolate lover, but I also included delights for those who preferred a lighter dessert, like lady fingers and honey tea cakes. 

I love to bake (especially when it involves good quality chocolate ~ and a lot of it!), but I think I had just as much fun designing and creating the cupcake toppers this time! 

Here's how I made them . . . 

I bought a 12" x 12" sheet of scrapbook paper (design on both sides), and cut 4" x 1" rectangles; which I then folded in half, lightly glued, and finally placed a toothpick through the center of the crease. 

A little fancy hand-work and a pair of scissors ~ and voila . . . 

 the cutest miniature flags for cupcake toppers!

For variety, I bought a package of charming stickers, 
and also made them into cupcake toppers. 
I used the sticky backing of the stickers to adhere the toothpicks,
and then covered the back with scrap pieces of scrapbook paper.

And finally, here are the desserts!

Before showing you the frosted cupcakes ~ 
I want you to see their gorgeous dark chocolate brown color!
They're made with 72% cacoa chocolate AND 1 1/4 cups natural cocoa powder!

And here they are ~ all dressed up . . . .

double chocolate cupcakes 
with a velvety smooth and rich cream cheese frosting

I used a star tip to pipe the frosting, 
and piped at a 90 degree angle.

I displayed the cupcakes on a cupcake stand, and thought it looked a little plain, so I tied a 2-inch thick satin chocolate brown ribbon to the top ring and then trailed the ribbon down through the center of the stand. Beautiful.   

Add a charming label, and I'm almost there . . . 

Ok . . . done.

lady fingers 
filled with fresh lemon curd
& sprinkled with powdered sugar


To dress them up ~ 
I added 3 blue sugar pearls to each one. 


Honey Tea Cakes
served with fresh strawberries

Incredibly moist butter & vanilla cake ~
drizzled with honey syrup. 

"Precious" label was also made from a 
sticker collection, turned DIY cake topper!

petite Honey Tea Cakes
with raspberry buttercream
& and fresh raspberries

Wishing Emily and her husband happiness as they begin a new chapter in their lives!

I simply enjoyed baking for this baby shower . . . 

and heard that the desserts were a "hit!"
A comment every baker loves to hear.

I'm already looking forward to my next big project!


  1. From first-hand experience they were DELICIOUS! I didn't get to try all of them, because I didn't want to look like too big of an oinker, but what I had was divine. You are the best Suzanne!

  2. I'm sorry this is a late comment but I have to say these treats were the best! I was the lucky recipient of your goodies and all of the guests loved every second of it! All of the added details and decorations really made everything special. I adore you and our friendship and am so lucky to benefit from your many talents!


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