Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cupcake Camp OC 2011 results

photo by Mary Bell

My best-friend, Alex, and I attended Cupcake Camp OC 2011 last weekend. It's a must attend if you're a cupcake enthusiast!  

I'll admit ~ I'm not as big of a cupcake enthusiast as Alex, but I still enjoyed the excitement of the event.  I was most impressed with the variety of cupcakes.  

Each baker averaged 2-4 different flavors; and there were around 20+ amateur and professional bakers. So there were quite a few cupcakes to choose from.  
As a guest, you're given a certain number of "cupcake tickets."   One cupcake ticket is equivalent to 1 regular-size or two mini-cupcakes.  Although Alex and I only had 6 tickets each ~ we had more than enough to sample!! 

Dolce Vista Sweets and Treats
photo by Mary Bell

The Frosted Boutique
photo by Mary Bell

There were flavor combinations like chocolate & chili, caramel snickers & Jack Daniels, Merlot & chocolate, sweet potato & vanilla, Captain Crunch cereal & vanilla . . . just to name a few. 

photo by Mary Bell

Our favorite was the Caramelicious cupcake, which also happened to win the 1st place ribbon at this year's OC Fair Cupcake Classic.  

Overall, we had a great time! Everyone was friendly, volunteers and guests alike. While sitting in the foyer sampling our many cupcakes, we met and visited with one of the judges ~ Lucy ~ and her mom. Young Lucy is also a big cupcake enthusiast!  

Everyone enjoyed free entertainment headed up by a DJ, as well as a fun dress-up photo booth.  The event also provided free water, milk, and coffee ~ so be sure and enjoy a beverage while you're sampling!  

Here are a few tips if you haven't been to a Cupcake Camp, and plan to attend one in the future . . .  

Purchase a VIP ticket
Arrive at least 20-30 minutes early
Leave your purse and other belongings in the car, 
as it is a challenge to carry a tray(s) full of cupcakes 
while navigating amidst and through hundreds of people.  
Bring a large tray, Tupperware, or bin of your own to carry cupcakes, as the ones provided at the event are quite small.
As you're walking along the tables,
decide which cupcakes you want to sample - as you go, 
because if you're indecisive they
may not be there later when you return.
Pace yourself to avoid an upset stomach!
Bring your patience!
The entrance and cupcake lines are long!
And finally . . . have fun!!

~ happy attendees ~
photo by Mary Bell

photo by Mary Bell

~ so many cupcake enthusiasts ~
photo by Mary Bell

~ long lines! ~
photo by Mary Bell

~ notice the large Tupperware bins ~
They've obviously done this before!
photo by Mary Bell

Drum roll, please . . . 
Here are this year's winners!

1st prize for Most OC
~ Bubba Sweets ~
Chocolate Salted Caramel

2nd prize for Most OC
~ Hollicakes ~
Chocolate Orange

Alex and I left Cupcake Camp OC feeling inspired!  
So we've decided to sign up for next year's competition!

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