Sunday, October 9, 2011

Upscale Country

While visiting family in Southeast Kansas last week, I happened across a charming shop called Upscale Country Fine Home Furnishings & Gifts.  Its white siding and grand porch drew me into its beautifully decorated entry.    
The entrance was draped with lush Fall garland; and on both sides of the door sat a black urns decorated with the colors of Fall. Each supported large black lanterns filled with harvest vegetables and more Fall-inspired flowers.  I couldn't resist its charm and welcoming invitation . . . . so I stopped in and was even more impressed with the treasures I found inside.

 Upscale Country

~ TAG Sonoma stoneware ~
Upscale Country

~Tyler Candles ~
Upscale Country    

Upscale Country's interior is stunning! From the warm-colored walls, right down to the hardwood floors . . . this charming shop hosts the most inspiring vignettes. 

Upscale Country

Given the time of year . . . my favorites were the Halloween and Fall-inspired settings. Each displayed charming items and hosted creative presentations that left my mind and eyes whirling with delight. 

I wish I had my camera at the time so that I could share photographs with you. While admiring all the shop's details, I recall wondering if my camera could truly capture the colors, design, and artistic feel of the items and furniture that so pleased my eyes. I can honestly say that I doubt it; which is even more reason to visit this charming shop.
I met two friendly and informative ladies, who both share a role in this shop's success.  Their pleasant natures left me feeling like family! Something this city girl adores!

Although Upscale Country has a website that features so many of the items it sells . . . It truly doesn't give the viewer or customer a true picture of the shops artistic design and flair. I wish their website had a photo stream of their ever-changing and seasonal vignettes, because then you would understand why this shop stole my heart.   
I fell in love with so many pieces. A few, in particular, captivated me . . . . 

I would love this piece for my bedroom!
~ film goddess chair ~
damask patterned velvet cut outs on a 
flat background, finished with polished nickel nail heads

~ bistro fluted footed bowl ~

I purchased this gorgeous tablecloth while shopping there, 
and plan to dress my Thanksgiving table with its charming pattern 
and warm plum and olive colors.
~  Fall Flora Jacquard tablecloth ~

I couldn't resist these charming dishtowels either,  
and bought a set that features pumpkins for my kitchen.
~ Fall-inspired dishtowels by TAG ~

Upscale Country is a treasure 
located right in the heart of a small mid-western 
town that I truly adore!

1628 Broadway
Parsons, Kansas 67357

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