Monday, October 8, 2012

apple picking


September and October are THE months for apple picking and harvesting, so we ventured north-east to Mile-high Oak Glen in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, known for its apple farmers, plentiful apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and berry farms that make this hamlet a harvest haven.  Along with hayrides and apple cider pressing, there are so many fun activities to be had by all!

Here's a peak into our day . . . 

~ Along the way ~

~ This was the first orchard we visited. It was my favorite because
it's one of the smaller orchards, and felt like a mom-and-pop farm. ~
Most of my photos were taken in this orchard.

~ 100+ year old apple trees surround a beautiful white house that's 
nestled on this farm ~

~ This farm was quite stunning with arbors covered in climbing roses,
creek beds lined with cobble stones, bird baths, and vibrant flowers at your feet. ~

~ A peak through the arbor ~

~ This charming white house is nestled in the midst of this orchard ~

~ Croquet, anyone? ~
~ Yes, we played a game or two . . . and it was so much fun! ~ 
~ It brought back so many childhood memories ~

~ Lots of smiles for me as I watched my little ones play croquet ~

~ My little guy was so focused ~

~ So determined! And it didn't matter that the mallet was as tall as she was ~

~ And we picked apples! ~ 

~ Wooden crates were nestled under the trees to hold the not-so-perfect apples.
These apples are turned into compost for the garden ~

~ Stayman Winesap apples, known for their sweet juciness ~

~ This is one of my favorite photos ~
~ The sunlight peaking through the branches & leaves was so pretty ~
~ A few not-so-perfect apples on their way to the compost bin ~

~ A real scarecrow loomed over the property's garden ~
~ He was doing a great job, because the garden was quite bountiful ~ 

~ The orchards also had chickens, roosters, and pigs ~

~ Large pots of flowers were every where ~
~ I love vibrant Black-eyed Susans this time of year! ~

~ So many varieties to choose from ~

~ My sweet Charley picking her first apple! ~

~ And here it is! ~

~ My gentle Ford picking his first apple from a low lying branch ~

~ And my baby girl's first apple ~
~ With determination, she finally pulled it off ! ~

~ Lauren insisted on carrying her own FULL bag ~
~ She dragged it across the orchard's floor most of the time ~

~ Daddy is sorting through our apples, picking the very best ones to take home ~

~ Roses every where! ~

I have plans for the beautiful apples we brought home! 
Stay tuned for photos and a new APPLE DESSERT recipe later this week.

It's not too late . . . plan a trip to your local orchard!

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