Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas 2012

December came upon us so quickly this year. I took photos of our home throughout the month, but had little spare time to edit and share photos. So before the New Year falls upon us, I thought I would post a few of my favorites . . . 

~ early December ~

~ a simple garland ~

~ I love these TWIG reindeer from the Pottery Barn collection ~

~ Hark the Herald Angels Sing! ~

~ My mom bought this for me at a specialty gift shop in Solvang, CA
this year. We named her Abigail, and she found the perfect place
under our Christmas tree. ~

~ Affectionately called "the miracle tree" ~
~ It fell FOUR times!! Twice without ornaments, 
My husband and I were awoken at 1:30 am 
by a LOUD crash. He thought someone broke in . . .
and I just knew it was the tree . . . and it was! ~
~ Not only had it fallen FOUR times, but its 1500 lights
have had glitches through most of December ~
~ THIS photo was taken when the lights decided to work, lol! ~

~ I buy a Christmas ornament from Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo
every year. I bought several silver bells, and they're still one of my favorites! ~

~ Love its swirls! ~

~ antique tea spoon turned ornament ~

~ I have up to 15 hand beaded snowflakes hidden 
among the branches in our tree. They're so pretty lit up! ~

~ my growing mercury glass collection ~

Thanks for stopping by!
Merry Christmas friends and family!

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