Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cut the Rope . . . Om Nom birthday! Part 2 ~ food, desserts, and favors

Let's jump right into food, desserts and favors!

We hosted a . . . 

~ beef and chicken ~

with all the fixings . . .

~ I arranged the condiments in a shipping box,
as though it arrived in the same manner as Om Nom ~
Oh, and a CANDY lollipop too! That's for Om Nom! 


~ the Sauerkraut was a BIG HIT! ~

A big jar of pickles sat next to the condiments. A fun treat at any picnic lunch!

~ A big hit with the kids ~

Side salads included . . .

 I even carried the "packaging" theme 
to the tins that held our forks!

And what did we drink? Om Nom's favorite concoction from ZeptoLab!
Not really, but I was so excited when I found this BRIGHT green Kiwi & Strawberry punch! It looked luminescent in the bright sunlight, and added to the theme of the celebration!

ZeptoLab is the gaming company known for developing Cut the Rope

 And who doesn't LOVE paper straws!?!  

And now on to everyone's favorite part of a party . . . DESSERT!

I designed the Cake Table to include items and characters
commonly seen in CUT THE ROPE . . .

bright, colorful levels (wrapped boxes seen in the rear)
naughty spiders (seen looming over Om Nom)
STARS (how you earn points on CUT THE ROPE)
brown packages with FRAGILE labels (it's how Om Nom is delivered)
CANDIES (Om Nom's ultimate goal!)


Auntie Alex, Owner and Cake Designer of Cameo Cake Company
made Ford's birthday cake and cupcakes!

The cake was a double barrel square cake,
with dark chocolate cake and MINT Swiss meringue buttercream, 
frosted with dark chocolate ganache,
and then covered in fondant.

It was delicious! 
The MINT Swiss meringue buttercream was heavenly!

Everyone's favorite part was the painting technique she
used to paint the "cardboard" box . . .
and, of course, Om Nom himself!

She made Om Nom using modeling chocolate!



It's time to sing Happy Birthday! 

~ anxiously waiting!! ~

Ford is holding a BIG, long breath TO BLOW OUT HIS CANDLE . . . 


Ford and his friends were MOST excited about the Cupcake Mural!

Auntie Alex  created a scene from the Cardboard level of CUT THE ROPE, using cupcakes!

~ Lemon cupcakes filled with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream,
covered in fondant ~

Om Nom Nom Nom . . . so good!

Everyone went home with a party favor . . . 

 a white chocolate dipped CAMPFIRE marshmallow 
that was sprinkled with GREEN Apple Pop Rocks!


We had so much fun, including the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday, sweet Ford!
I love you . . . infinity,


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  2. Awesome. Very well organized. I thought I knew how to party until now.
    My 5 year old was urging me to do OmNom party this time and I have been looking for supplies since then. No body has the better idea than yours. You are very creative and I love your ideas.
    Thanks for sharing


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