Tuesday, May 14, 2013

bud vases & garden flowers

I love bud vases!  

I've collected several over the years . . . white ones . . . and glass. 

 I love using them in making simple and beautiful floral arrangements.

If you're not familiar with bud vases . . . 

They're are often used to make dainty arrangements of young flowers in the early spring, when there aren't a lot of blooms to choose from. 

They can also be used to display single stems of showy or aromatic flowers, and they have classically been used to showcase roses and other elegant blooms. 

~ iceberg roses from my front yard ~


They're not only perfect for 'showcase flowers,' but humble garden flowers as well!


Bud vases, in a way, refine flowers . . . 
                        and can even make a humble flower . . . spectacular.

~ a few long stems of lavender ~

Although bud vases can be formal in appearance, they can also be simple, small vessels from around your home. 

Look for all sorts of containers that can be used to hold water and a handful of leaves, flowers, or sprigs, like jam jars, baby food jars, or even small drinking glasses. 

And when they're clustered together, they make quite a beautiful arrangement.

~ cluster of white iceberg roses ~

So take a walk in your garden . . . gather flowers . . . 

                     and then peruse your cupboards for a few bud vases . . . 

and enjoy a little bit of Spring in your home.

Bringing the garden into the house will make
you want to tend a garden.


  1. These are so pretty. I love clustering flowers in little vases.

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