Friday, June 21, 2013

flower ice cubes with lemon & mint

You've heard me say it before . . .

              It's all in the details.

Yes,  even a simple glass of water can be dressed up! 

When I saw this sweet flower ice cube tray (IKEA for 99 cents!), I had a great idea . . .

     Why not place a small mint leaf and a piece of lemon in each flower, and then freeze them!?

Drop one or two flower ice cubes into a glass of water, and you have a pretty and refreshing drink!

Bouquets of fresh mint have very small mint leaves at the top of each stem.

These small leaves are perfect for placing in ice cubes!

Tips . . .

Place 1 very small mint leaf in the inside of one of the flower petals in each impression, so that after they're frozen, the mint leaves look like the leaf of a flower. They're so pretty.

               Then add a small piece of lemon into each impression. 

Finally, slowly add water. Place the ice cube tray in freezer, until frozen.

After frozen, remove them from the tray and place them in a ziplock bag for easy storage.


I enjoy lemon in my water . . . and mint is quite refreshing too!

                  Treat yourself . . . or save them for guests.  

As they melt, each ice flower adds a hint of lemon and mint.

They're pretty and refreshing . . . a lovely detail.

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