Thursday, July 18, 2013

Star Nursery, a beautiful nursery in Washington, Utah

I wanted to share another treasure I found while on our recent "work-cation" . . . 

                 Star Nursery!

I spotted this beautiful building in the small town of Washington, Utah.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw it for the first time.

Isn't it beautiful!?!

I love going to nurseries and walking around for hours-on-end admiring flowers . . .

        but this one drew me in because of the building's striking natural beauty.

Yes, it's grounds were over-flowing with flowers, shrubs, and trees . . .

             but it was the pioneer-style red sandstone structure, highlighted with white trim, studded with countless wood-pained windows, all framed in natural wood . . . that left me in awe.

I've dreamed of opening a Bed &Breakfast since I was 18-years-old.

And several times, while admiring this building, I thought to myself, 

                 Gosh, I wish I could transplant this building to Southern California (where I live), 
         and transform it into my home . . . or better yet, a Bed & Breakfast!

Could you imagine!?!

Can you see the sign above the door?  

                    It reads The Washington Cotton Factory. 

Yes, it was really a cotton factory! This building is rich in history.

1940,  photo by Delos H. Smith

For many years during the 19th century, the factory was at the center of cotton production in Washington County.

The building has been used for many purposes over the century, including a Social Community Center.

Since 1998, Star Nursery has owned this historic Cotton Mill Factory.  

Craig Keough, owner, purchased it with the idea of retaining its integrity, while also operating a nursery and showcasing the factory’s red sandstone beauty.

The main floor of the building was carefully adapted to house its garden shop, while preserving the cotton factory’s pioneer era construction. 

According to the Historical Society, its exterior and upper floors were left unchanged.

The upper floors have been made available for public use and tours. 

I hope to return one day, so that I can tour the building's upper floor. I'm sure the views are beautiful.

If you're ever in Washington, Utah, be sure and visit Star Nursery. You won't be disappointed!

Here's a peak at the nursery's grounds . . . 

~ view from the gazebo ~

~ view of side of building ~

~ another view of the side ~

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