Monday, May 2, 2011


I have always admired and adored hydrangeas. 

My late grandmother had an enormous hydrangea plant in front of her home. A florist by trade, she had an incredible knack for gardening. Every summer I stood in amazement when her hydrangea bloomed. It supported the most beautiful blue and pink blossoms. As large as a softballs, she would clip the blossoms in the early morning hours and bring them in to display in vases, or share with family. 


I will never forget the ever-changing blooms – some blue, others pink; and then white hydrangeas, with blooms resembling large snowballs that as a child would often amaze me. As an adult, they still do. 

I was given a white hydrangea for Mother's Day last year, and felt nervous for an instant - wondering if I could properly care for it.  I've learned that they’re not only easy to grow but are also quite hardy and resistant to most pests and diseases, making it even easier to care for them. 

My hydrangea has grown its very first blossom. Although it is still early and hasn't bloomed, I wait in excitement for its debut!

 Gather the prettiest blossoms of the 
season and bring your garden inside.

Look for flowers that have fully opened and feel slightly papery to the touch. They will last longer when cut. Use one bloom color or mix varying shades.

Snip stems early in the morning. Cut at an angle, above a leaf bud. Place your stems in a bucket of cool water immediately after cutting.

Heat a pot of water almost boiling; remove from heat, and wait five minutes. Dip stem ends in hot water for 30 seconds before arranging in cool water.

Show off your display with a rounded container to echo the shape of the blooms. Use moist floral foam to keep stems in place if needed.


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