Friday, June 24, 2011

white linen table clothes

 . . . . a must have in your linen closet!

Two important, basic entertaining items you should have are white stoneware/dinnerware and white linen table clothes. 

I have several white linens; one for each size dining table that I have in my house and garden.  

White linen table clothes can dress up any table, whether old or new. It bears a clean, fresh look that can make any setting feel special. 

Want to personalize your table setting to an event, holiday, or season?

My favorite thing to do is find a fabric that I love and buy enough to cover the table, as well as several inches to drape on all sides. Most fabrics don't even need to be sewn or hemmed. A sharp pair of scissors will leave a clean cut. 

This piece of fabric ~ in essence ~ serves as a table cover on top of the white table cloth. 

With the white linen table cloth peeking out from beneath ~ you'll find your setting extra beautiful and charming.  This is also an inexpensive way to personalize your space and/or decorate for a gathering or party.  

I adore shades of blue and green during the summer months, and found this paisley fabric to use as a table cover on my dining room table.  

I simply . . . love it!

Choose a fabric that catches your fancy . . .
and add charm to your table setting!

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  1. Where did you get the paisley? I want it to make two dresses.


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