Thursday, July 21, 2011

tomboy cake

I recently bought a copy of  

It's simply a beautiful and charming book. The recipes are captivating, as well as the photographs. I find it extremely hard to put down!

I was recently inspired by the photo seen on the cover. Perhaps it was the contrast of the dark chocolate brown cake and smooth pink frosting? Maybe it was the minimal decor? Or maybe it was just it's charm? Needless to say, I had to learn more about it.

Miette's owner, Meg Ray, shares this about the cake

"This was was on it's way to becoming a conventionally 
frosted layer cake when I noticed how unexpectedly 
voluptuous the bare sides looked with the 
frosting poking out between teh layers. 
 This cake has a gamine quality, a little rough around the edges 
~ a bit of a tomboy with a little rose on top."

And so the title tomboy cake was coined.

I was recently asked to make a cake for a Sweet Sixteen birthday ~ and so I seized the opportunity to re-create Miette's Tomboy Cake. Oh what fun!

This 6-inch round, 3-layered beauty 
is as pretty & charming 
in real life as it is on the cover of miette!

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