Friday, February 17, 2012

garden fairy birthday

It's hard to believe that my oldest daughter, Charlotte ~ who we call Charley ~ turned 4 years old a few short days ago!

She had long requested to have a fairy themed party for her birthday . . . and so we did! 
Her special day was filled with her closest friends, grandmas, love, laughter . . . 
oh, and garden fairy fancy and whimsy. 

Because Charley notices every detail, especially those that are most feminine and pretty, I was sure to create a garden fairy celebration that she would adore.
With lavender and sage green as the backdrop . . . purple thistles, lavender butterflies, and white teacups filled with purple pansies added to her fairy garden affair.


And what garden fairy gathering would be complete without jars of pixie dust, fairy wands . . . and fairy crowns.

~ diy pixie dust & fairy wand ~

diy fairy crowns ~

Our enchanted menu included . . .

 twigs & berries
sun-kissed potatoes
garden carrots
butterfly bites
turkey croissants
honey rolls
cranberry & walnut harvest salad



Enchanted drinks
water ~ dew drops
Sprite ~ fairy nectar
lime sherbet punch ~ pixie punch

I think I had the most fun dreaming up desserts and decor for the dessert table.
Instead of displaying the desserts atop a dressed table, I used my daughters' white Victorian dresser. It was the perfect white backdrop for all the desserts!
. . . And to dress up the front, I made bunting and adorned it with lavender organza flowers.

I draped lavender organza behind the table to add fancy and a splash color . . . but chose to keep the dresser covering white, as to show off the cake, butterfly cookies, and cake pops.


My dearest and best-friend, Alex, made Charley's birthday cake . . . and beautiful it was.

Inspired by lavender and flowers, she created a whimsical confection that was not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the palate.
Two-tiers of pink strawberry cake, filled with rose water butter-cream . . . all laden with floral fancy, butterflies, and glitter, sat atop a white pedestal ~ as the dessert table's guest-of-honor.

Flower cake pops displayed as small bouquets . . . and butterfly shortbread cookies  ~ also found a special place.

~ I love the glitter! ~

butterfly cookies
~ shortbread cookie, decorated with royal icing ~

flower cake pops
~ although you can buy the petals pre-made & pre-cut,
I made these because I wanted a mix of patterns and shades ~ 

~  Love this idea! ~
I shared this idea on my facebook page a few weeks ago.
Glass cups filled with sugar
to hold the cake pops!

After dessert, our afternoon wrapped up with opening gifts and more play! Charley couldn't have been happier with her fairy garden affair!

 Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!
I love you,

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  1. I stumbled onto your blog while searching on Pinterest. Love the fairy crowns. We are planning something very similar for my daughter's birthday party next weekend. Did you make them ahead of time or let the guests make their own?

  2. I, too, am curious about the fairy crowns. Planning a unicorn and fairy party and was hoping to let the kids (aged 3-6) make their own but I am at a loss for where to begin!!!


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