Monday, September 8, 2014

back to school . . .

Summer is officially over for us.

               I shared my thoughts about it recently, here.

                                           We traded our flip flops, beach towels, and sunblock  . . . . 

               . . . .  for new backpacks, lunch boxes, school clothes, and 'real' shoes.


Our 5- and-6-year old started school last Thursday. 

I was so proud of them both. They did great! 

Our oldest daughter had a rough time when she started Kindergarten last year. Crocodile tears every day, for weeks . . . as well as many sleepless nights; but not this year.  

I smiled (and choked back big tears!) as I watched her walk to the 1st grade line with confidence, bouncing curls and all. 

And for our little guy, he joined his new Kindergarten classmates with a smile. I could sense a little apprehension in his eyes, but he was so brave as he followed the teacher to his new classroom.

I managed to hold it together until I got to my car, and then tears streamed down my face all the way home.  Last week was rough for me. I missed them like crazy (and still do). 

I love spending time with my kids . . . teaching them, cooking & baking with them, dreaming up fun craft projects. We discovered the library recently . . . and all the family activities they offer. It's so fun taking them to check out books. Do you remember doing that as a child, too? I noticed that all our books are about pumpkins and Halloween (fun!).

The house was quiet this morning, except for the pitter patter of our little Lauren Jane's feet. 

Without her older siblings to keep up with every minute of every hour, she was my sidekick. 

She had me all to herself, which is new for her and me. 

As much as I miss our big Kindergartner and First Grader, I know that time apart allows for a new kind of growth and a greater appreciation for one another . . . for me and for them. 

Sometimes this 'growing up thing' is hard, even for Mommies like me.

~ an apple for Teacher ~

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  1. Such cute pictures. My youngest and I are getting used to alone time with each other during the day, as well. It's definitely different, but we're having fun.

  2. Great photography:)

  3. What beautiful children! Glad they are off to a great start. And oh yes, this growing up thing is hard and wonderful all at the same time!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Your kids are adorable! I'm glad their school year started off great and I hope this week is easier for you.

  5. Sweet!

    The baking and games and projects can be an after school thing.

  6. Couldn't agree more and as you know my kids are similar age with my older daughter just starting kindergarten and my younger daughter a year behind in her last year of pre-school. So, I know the feeling well and definitely am missing them and summer a bit, too, but so proud too of how week they are both doing this first full week back. Here is to a great year for all of our kids now :)

  7. Suzanne-they are sooooo adorable! What an exciting time for them. I can relate to all these emotions as I have a new kindergartener who is gone most of the day (sniff sniff), and all this new time with my younger children (yay!). It is a transition for everyone. I hope the school year continues to go well for your family.
    PS-I LOVE your front porch! What a beautiful home. I'm off to follow you on all your social media accounts :)

  8. My daughter isn't at school yet, so I havnt had to go through this, but I can't imagine it's easy. Definitely hard letting go.

    You children are totally adorable by the way!!

    Thanks for sharing at Marvelous Monday at Smart Party Planning.

  9. Your children are so adorable. Look at those smiles! I hope they have a wonderful school year.


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