Thursday, January 8, 2015

celebrating December . . . at home

Welcome, January!

I had every intention of sharing these December photos with you before the New Year, but our Winter vacation got the best of me . . . in a good way . . . and I spent every waking moment with my family enjoying Utah's cold weather and snow for nearly 12 days!

I think I opened my laptop for all of 15 minutes our entire trip, so that I could share a quick photo of festive cupcakes and wish you all a Happy New Year . . . and that's about it.

We spent our days playing and relaxing . . .  and relaxing more. 

Sledding was a highlight for our little ones . . . and shopping (while it was snowing!) in Midway was one of my favorite memories . . . along with falling asleep with my 3 little ones cuddled up to me for a long Winter's nap. That was a first . . . and an afternoon that I will treasure always!

We happened to be there when the temperatures dipped into the negative digits for about 3 days. That was a first for me.  One morning my phone read -22 outside. Yes, NEGATIVE 22. Wow! That was rough. We didn't go out much when it was that cold.  

The break from the 'every day' was wonderful . . . and I feel so blessed to have spent so much quality time with my husband and kids on our trip.

Before I change all the photos on the sidebar to reflect January and Valentine's Day, I thought I would wrap up last month (even though I'm WAY late) with December photos that I haven't shared yet.

Many of them are snapshots of our home throughout the month. 

As you'll see, I kept our decor simple and natural this year . . . 

cedar swags
boxwood and cedar wreaths
simple, lush ribbons
fresh pomegranates
pretty linens
Williams-Sonoma FATHER CHRISTMAS plates 
hot cocoa bar 
lots of white, twinkling lights
PAPERWHITES & lemon cedar trees everywhere!

~ Look at the beautiful details ~

I planted SEVERAL paperwhite bulbs in mid-December. 

Most of the photos in this post are of when the bulbs were new, and there are a few with 3-4 inches growth.

I know I planted them sort of late, but I thought it would be nice to enjoy them through January when all our Christmas decor has been put away for the season.

While we were on vacation, they grew upwards of 12-14 inches high. The first blooms opened this morning! I can't wait to share photos of them with you later in the week.

I placed the pewter bowl of paper-whites on the table behind our Nativity scene . . . it was quite pretty. 

Baking is a BIG part of the holiday season for me!

This year's showcase sugar cookie was the North Star. You can read more about it here. They were a beautiful (and yummy) way to share the Christmas story with my little ones.

Here are a few more of my December baking projects . . . .

I hope you all had a joyous and peaceful holiday season . . .  and that you entered the New Year with renewed hope and have plans to make this year a GREAT one!

Wishing you peace and happiness in this New Year!

LET'S STAY in touch!


  1. The red Christmas plates are wonderful and all those cookies make me want to get into the kitchen to bake.

    Happy New Year

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with us. I have many new ideas for next Christmas. You are a very creative woman with a good and kind heart. So pleased you enjoyed your vacation in Utah. Ithank you for being part of my world.

  3. Welcome back, Suzanne! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I love those Santa plates and all the greenery you put out for Christmas. Looks and sounds like a great holiday at your house! :)

  4. So glad you had a wonderful trip in a beautiful area. That nap sounds heavenly-what a moment! Sledding is one of our families favorite winter activities too. Your Christmas decorations were so pretty; looking forward to more inspiration in the new year!

  5. Happy you enjoyed your holiday trip. These photos are stunning and I am happy to learn your laptop stayed closed. Hugs!

  6. Those are all such great photos. I am IN LOVE with the Santa plates. Love, love. And all the pots of cypress and bulbs. I didn't plant a single one for inside this winter. I've been eyeballing all the little potted narcissus at the grocery store, though. Every year at least one clump comes home with me. :) It sounds like you had a heavenly vacation. How special to spend that time together.

  7. Suzanne, I missed this post last month. I popped over by clicking on the wreath on your sidebar. I'm crushing over that wreath. What is the plant material? Is it boxwood. I love the look! Also love the little cyprus trees. I've used them in past years, but didn't buy any this year. Mistake! I will not make that mistake again next season.
    I have the Spode Christmas plates like yours. They are so dear. I look forward to bringing them out each Christmas. I have a set of the mugs too. WS offer them anymore. ;-(
    Glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family. That's the best!


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