Thursday, March 3, 2016

a St. Patrick's Day treat . . . and Lucky Charms

I buy Lucky Charms once a year . . .  a few weeks before St. Patrick's Day.

Only once a year you ask? I don't have anything against this fun and tasty cereal: in fact, I LOVE it! But it's because we don't eat it often, that makes this cereal extra special - especially this time of year.

I have so many fond childhood memories of waking EARLY in the morning when I stayed at my aunt's house, and enjoying a big bowl of Lucky Charms.

You see, I grew up on OAT and bran cereals. My mom wouldn't buy what she called 'sugar cereals,' so my siblings and I were always excited when breakfast rolled around at my aunt's house, as we knew that she always had a big box of Lucky Charms in her cupboard. I still think of her when I eat them (smile).

I enjoy the excitement in my little ones when I bring home a box of Lucky Charms.

We'll snack on them through the month of March . . . and I'll add a handful of them to treats -  like the one that I'm sharing with you today.

This St. Patrick's Day treat is so fast and easy . . . even your little ones can help out!

Our kids LOVE brownies and mint ice cream, so I thought it would fun to layer crumbled brownie pieces and mint ice cream in mason jars, and then top them with LUCKY CHARM marshmallows.

You can also layer chocolate cake and mint flavored whipped cream, or even a tender sponge cake with pistachio pudding. Honestly, the combinations are endless. 

This time of year tends to be busy, with our youngest son's birthday just days away and Easter right around the corner, so I love quick and easy treats like this one!

I hope it inspires you to get in the kitchen with your family this weekend!

a few fun & tasty options!
   .     .     .     .     .    
brownies & mint ice cream
chocolate cake & mint flavored whipped cream
mint brownies and whipped cream
tender sponge cake & pistachio pudding
     .     .     .     .     .    

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. I have honestly never seen Lucky Charms in person and thus never tasted any. But, you make them look so cute.

  2. My mom never bought sugar cereal either. And in turn, now my kids don't get it. But, like you, my grandma always had fruit loops for us. :) I still don't think my kids have ever had any, though. Unless Grammy snuck them some at her house. Ha!

  3. You have taken me back to my childhood too....I remember having these when I lived in the UK. I had completely forgotten about them!

    What a great idea :-)

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  4. One of my favorite combinations is chocolate and mint. I think we're going to have to pick up a box of Lucky Charms tomorrow. My kids would love them!

  5. Magically delicious for sure!

  6. Anonymous11:30 AM

    What a wonderful dessert Suzanne, I'd love to try It. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!! Laura@Baking in Pyjamas

  7. How funny!! This really is so much like our family and visiting grandma and grandpa. My folks would buy the sugary sweet cereal in those mini-boxes no less and my kids had a ball. We did not indulge at our house. It was oatmeal, perhaps Cherrios, and homemade pancakes or French toast and of course eggs. And the only time they got candy was at Halloween and Easter. And then there was the cookies at Christmas. Boy!! Talk about taking a trip down memory lane. I love your dessert -- so colorful and oh so yummy sounding. Your kids are going to be talking about the special dessert for years!! Hope you're doing well --- sending big hugs!


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