Wednesday, October 21, 2015

silhouette bats for Halloween . . .

My Littles could hardly wait for October 1st to roll around before they started asking me to decorate for Halloween.  I'll be honest, I was hoping that I could get away with only having Fall decorations like last year, but they wanted me add Halloween decorations to this year's pumpkins and Fall leaves. 

I should've shared these photos a few weeks ago when I tackled this fun and simple project, but I'm not great about sharing HOME-inspired posts. I get too excited about sharing FOOD and recipes, and then the HOME posts tend to sit on the back burner. ((I need to work on that!))

Anyway, I found these silhouette bats by Martha Stewart Craft at our local Michael's . . . and fell in love with their simple - yet creepy, scary - style.  

I had visions of bats flying above our mantle, so that the Littles would see them every time they walk up and down the stairs, but after hanging them up - the scene didn't have the look I was going for . . . and then I had the idea to hang them on the inside of the lampshades in our entry room. 

There are 3 lamps in our entry room, and I hung bats in all of them! 

I love the eerie glow of the bats when I turn the lamps on in the early evenings. Their silhouettes become more bold as the room gets darker. The Littles and I love it!

The lamp that's on the pumpkin patch table (that's what I've dubbed it, since it seems to continue to collect pumpkins) is my favorite place in the room. I hung bats all the way around the inside so that our Littles can see flying bats even when they're playing outside. 

I LOVE this kind of decorating . . . simple materials, thoughtful placement, big impact, and everyone's happy! 

It looks like a few others were inspired by Martha Stewart's Halloween Silhouette crafts, too!

LOVE this porch!

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  1. I've had the rats and bats for a couple years now and love them.

  2. I will take the bats. I will take snakes. I will take spiders. I will NOT take rats. OMG they give me the willies!!! I hate rodents-- ick!! And to think I had to go to the pet store and purchase them, take them home in my car, and then feed them to Gidget!!! Blah!!!! I did not stay and watch. BTW -- Gidget is a boa. I love your bats. I would welcome them in my lamp shades. I wish I had little ones around so I could decorate for Halloween. You did a great job!! Sending hugs!

  3. I've been looking forward to this post :) I think your bats turned out so perfectly cute (and scary)! Simple materials, thoughtful placement, big impact - a winning combination! I also love the inspiration pictures, especially the one with bats flying across the door. I might have to do something like this next year... my kids would love it!

  4. How fun- those bats look great through the lighted shade! My kind of fun!


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