Thursday, January 14, 2016

frosted ferns . . . my Winter love!

I didn't plan on dedicating a post to my Frosted Ferns, but I've received a dozen - or more - emails and Facebook messages on these beauties since early last month, so I thought I'd take the time to share a few more photos and a little information on caring for them.

So where did I find my frosted ferns? 

I was so excited when I saw them at our local Trader Joe's!  I think they were $3.99 each. Although they were tucked away, it was their pretty creamy white leaflets that shown through the shade - and caught my eye.  I bought several of them )over the course of a few weeks) to enjoy through the holidays, knowing that I would probably get to enjoy them through Spring (and hopefully longer), as well.

Since the start of January, I transferred them from creamy white pots to warm, natural-colored baskets . . . and I just LOVE them in baskets!


If you're lucky enough to find them too, here are a few tips to keep yours happy . . .

.     .      .      .     .     .
Frosted ferns love the shade! Keep out of direct sunlight. The sun (and even indirect sunlight) can burn the fern.
Water at least twice a week.
Good drainage is important, so be sure and remove the plastic sleeve from the pot.
Keep away from dry heat, as frosted ferns LOVE a humid environment.
additional information, here
.     .      .      .     .     .

Although I have plans to enjoy them indoors long-term, I would love to plant a few outdoors to see how well they'll do. Apparently, they can grow up to a foot in height. The thought of a LARGE one makes my heart skip a beat (smile). I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Since I saw one on your blog, I was drawn to a display of them at Meijer. It was right before Christmas and I was super busy and didn't buy one. Now I wish I had. They are so pretty!

  2. Oh my, they are beautiful! I will have to keep my eye out for them. My husband was just saying we need more plants in the house, but we don't have many spots that get good light. These would be perfect!

  3. Thank you so much!!! I will be on the hunt for them as well. Our yard is quite shady, so I will try a couple outdoors as well.
    Again my thanks, and blessings to you,

  4. Oh they are so beautiful! I'll have to keep my eye out for them. We are always at Trader Joe -- I am really infatuated with the paisano!! I love how you displayed them!! Big hugs!

  5. They had these at our local Aldi for Christmas for less than $5 but I didn't buy one. I so regret it now. It was holiday time & I was already spending so much money on food I just couldn't justify buying a plant. The ones they had were gold edged & absolutely gorgeous.

    I'll grab one if they ever have them again.

  6. Your ferns are so pretty! Sheila

  7. I seriously need one of these in my life.

  8. They're so beautiful!!! I hope I can find one here.

  9. Suzanne, I love this frosted fern. A friend of mine gave me hers because it was dying. She thinks I'm a plant doctor! Now I have to nurse it back to life. First I had to identify it. You're site was so helpful with that and care for this beautiful fern. Three quarters of it is dried and obviously dead. Do you think I should remove the dead fronds and replant the little that's left that's healthy?


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