Saturday, March 17, 2012

diy milk glass

I adore milk glass. 

It reminds me of my grandma Pearl, who lovingly baked many a cookie for me and my sister . . . and taught us that the key to successful quilt making is patience . . . and quilting with friends. 

I love the vintage, textured look of milk glass vases. The price tag, however, can be pretty hefty when you are planning to use a cluster on each table as your centerpieces. Authentic vintage milk glass vases can cost upwards of $30 or more depending on its quality and age. 

I was looking for a reason to try making my own, so I painted several for my youngest daughter's 1st birthday party. It’s easy to make diy milk glass centerpieces using ordinary glass – in fact, this project can cost very little if you search thrift stores or garage sales for glass vases. I’ll bet you even have a few glass vases in your house that would be perfect for this project. But first, let’s take a peek at a real wedding inspiration piece styled by Justin & Mary Marantz.

To do it yourself, all you need is

Assorted glassware
drip tray
latex paint

And here's how . . .

1. Clean glassware and let dry completely.

2.  Working over a covered area or tray, pour the paint down inside the walls of the vessel and       slowly swirl to coat, adding more as needed. Once completely coated, hold upside down or prop on the side of your paint can and let the excess drain off.


3.  Set your vessels upside down in a tray, or on a rack, to dry. After 30 minutes, lift and wipe up any paint that's collected on the tray. Repeat until no excess remains, then flip upright and let dry for 24 hours before using. 


~ all dressed up ~

 Make extras to have on hand as hostess, 
birthday, or just-because gifts!
wedding 101

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