Monday, March 12, 2012

sunshine and pinwheels birthday

We celebrated our youngest daughter's first birthday with a lot of love, sunshine . . . and whimsy pinwheels.  

I had so much fun dreaming up the details of her party! When I think of Lauren Jane ~ who I call Sunshine ~ I think of sunshine, rays of light, happiness & joy.  And so grew the ideas for the details for her special day. 
Bright & vibrant, as well as butter-cream soft yellows . . . with hints of lavender here and there . . . set the tone. 

Lots of spring flowers . . . vibrant ranunculus and daffodils!

~ the most asked about flower at the party ~

It's hard not to smile when you see pinwheels!

~ diy pinwheels! ~

The tables were covered in white linens, butter-cream yellow table covers, and hand-made burlap runners stitched with ribbon. Hand-made milk glass jars held bunches of fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley, daffodils, and whimsy pinwheels. 

A welcoming invitation . . . 
goblets garnished with fresh strawberries, Parisian glass bottles filled with orange & grape juice, and scalloped bowls held petite powder donuts and hand-dipped marshmallows.

Although this beautiful china is very old . . . and although I've had it for many years ~ I've waited for just the right occasion to use them. And Lauren Jane's 1st birthday was that special occasion! Nestled in my favorite basket, along with linen napkins and silver ~ our brunch-ware waited patiently for our guests to plate their food.

Our brunch menu . . . 

with red, orange & yellow peppers
with sweet and spicy Italian sausage
with lemon curd & blackberry jam
Greek Vanilla Yogurt
with Vanilla Almond granola
Fresh Berries
drizzled with honey 
~ ~
. . . and for the little ones . . . 
Golden Grahams 
with ice cold milk

A few old-fashioned desserts . . . 
I served home-made desserts that were old-fashioned, but with a twist . . .

with lemon mascarpone filling
& sprinkled with powder sugar
lemon shortbread cookies 
rolled in yellow sanding sugar
& placed in white-eyelet cups
hand-dipped marshmallows
with white non-perils

Lauren Jane's 1st birthday wouldn't be complete without cupcakes ~ and a birthday cake ~  made by Auntie Alex!
She made a beautiful cupcake mural featuring a flower garden, butterflies, and a birthday banner.  The lemon cupcakes were lightly frosted with Swiss meringue butter-cream, and then a fondant disc was smoothed over the top. Alex layered and hand-cut fondant to create the lovely picture . . . 

And finally . . . 
           Lauren Jane's birthday cake!

Alex made an adorable sun, complete with rays of sunshine and a cute face! It, too, was a lemon cake ~ but with Rose Water Swiss meringue butter-cream filling and frosting. The face was made out of chocolate!

. . . and she loved every bite!

Amidst the food & dessert, little ones enjoyed bubbles, water guns, flying windmills & sidewalk chalk!

It was a wonderful afternoon
 filled with family, laughter, smiles, happiness . . . 
and the sweet love of our youngest daughter, Lauren Jane.

Happy 1st Birthday, sunshine! 

I love you,


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  1. Dear Sweet Sister Suzanne,
    We love your beautiful blog site with all of your gorgeous photos, heartfelt comments & wonderful recipes & decorating/entertaining ideas!!
    We had a great visit with & family at your beautiful home for Lauren's 1st birthday. As your photos show you with your family's help & support created a perfect setting for this once in a lifetime special event! All of the many foods & drinks were so very special & delicious!! I am so proud of you! You are a shining example of true Christian love in our family & to the rest of this world!
    Oh yes, and special cudos for your best friend Alex, she, like you, share wonderful God given creative talents!!
    May God continue to richly bless all of you in every possible way!
    We love you very much and keep you in our daily prayers.
    Many Hugs & Kisses,
    Your brother Terry, Doris & Audrey
    A few days ago I mailed you and the rest of our family copies of photos I took and will send you the JPEG files & video of everyone singing Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL Sunshine girl, Lauren Jane.
    Doris sure would like the recipe for your cream scones & the 2 toppings whenever you can make some time. Thank you!


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