Wednesday, July 3, 2013

vintage handkerchiefs

My mom gave me several of my grandma's beautiful vintage handkerchiefs shortly after she passed away. Not knowing what to do with them, I folded them and carefully put them in a safe place.  

I had an idea a few weeks go to sew them end to end and make a table runner. After looking on-line, I found that Jordyn Deen Design also had this great idea!

I think it will look charming on a table laden with worn burlap, and set with feminine china and silver. I can't wait to have a few girl-friends over for brunch (smile) and sweet treats!  


A few more charming ideas . . .

~ garland ~

~ charming chair-backs ~
inspired by this

~ hankie bundles ~

~ vintage wedding ~

~ hankies and clothespins ~
heart love wedding

. . . I'm in love.

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