Thursday, September 20, 2012

littleton, colorado

We ventured north to Littleton this morning . . . strolled the historic Main Street, and wandered through charming shops.  

Littleton's streets are lined with tall, old trees that provide a perfect shade for visitors. . . and its vintage street lamps and brick faced store fronts (some painted, and some not) give Main Street its historic charm.  


A few of my favorite shops are located on West Alamo, just off Main Street. Older homes have been transformed into charming shops filled with hand-crafted garden decor, seasonal items, and beautiful home accents. The porches are just as captivating as the interiors of the shops.

The "little ones" spotted a plump squirrel perched atop a small branch nibbling on a nut. My daughter told me that they were "sneaking" up on the squirrel. I guess that explains their peculiar positions, but I don't have an explanation as to why my son's hand is tucked in the back of his pants? 

This store-front's porch was not only over-flowing with garden gifts, but beautiful flowers too! I must have stopped and admired the lush, draping foliage several times on our walk.


And my favorite shop . . . Vandel Antiques, also known as A Paris Street Market. This charming shop of Parisian Market finds, antiques, and unforgettable seasonal items left my heart and mind whirling with GLEE! So many "ooohhs" and "aaahhs!" . . . and if I could've bought one of everything ~ I would have. 

Vandel Antiques is a must visit if you're ever in 

Just to the left of the shop is this Fall display that leads to a patio brimming with hand-crafted iron works for your garden. The kids and I thought the iron spider holding the large pumpkin was particularly cute! 

Market finds and seasonal items welcome you onto the front porch.  Feminine petite chandeliers twinkle in the window just beyond . . . and serve as a warm WELCOME to shoppers like me.

We've all seen wooden and plastic corn holders, BUT have you ever seen elegant corn cob holdersSounds a little crazy, huh!?! I fell head-over-heals for these hand-crafted holders made from VINTAGE silverware.

And look at these Tea Bag Holders! Who would use a ceramic tea bag holder when you could use one of these!?! Again, so pretty and elegant. LOVE!

We wrapped up our visit on Main Street at The Chocolate Therapist. A fun find if you're a chocolate lover too! I sampled milk and dark chocolates, as we sipped on a delicious cup of Mexican Spice Hot Chocolate. My husband and I both agreed that it's one of the best cups of hot chocolate that we've ever had.

It's easy to fall in love with the nostalgia and charm that

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  1. I found your blog through Pinterest and loved this blog post about Littleton, as I live there! Your recipes also look delicious. I'm following you now on facebook.


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