Friday, September 21, 2012

nomélie cupcakes

We ventured southeast to Old Town Parker, Colorado today . . . and, of course, toured their Main Street. 
Old Town Parker is beautiful! 
While on our tour of this charming and historical town, my oldest daughter, Charley, and I stopped into a sweet Cupcake Shoppe called Nomélie Cupcakes. 

I'm quite a critic when it comes to cakes and cupcakes, so I  don't say this often about cupcakes, but . . .  Nomélie Cupcakes are DELICIOUS!
From the mismatched furniture down to the amazing milk glass cake stands you’ll find in a little antique shop, filled with an amazing assortment of sweets – no detail was left un-touched. I wish I had taken a photo of the chandeliers and painted tin tile ceilings. More importantly though, the cupcakes were tres chic and ooh la la sweet!   

Nomélie Cupcakes was founded by a mom and bakerSelah Davenport.  She shared in an interview that she has no formal training. She worked in the corporate world, then in massage therapy, got pregnant and then became a stay at home mom.  
Selah began watching a lot of Food Network, and after moving to Colorado in 2006, she became serious about her cupcakes and went to work testing her recipes in the high altitude. With determination and a lot of research, she found the right balance of ingredients. The results are not only beautiful, but delicious. 
She started with selling special order cupcakes in 2007, and then opened up the retail space in May 2009.  

The name Nomélie came from the joining of Selah's son and daughter’s names – Noah & Amelie and it kinda sounded French (which she's obsessed with), and she felt like it worked.
In my opinion, Nomélie's cupcakes rival that of Sweet & Saucy in Southern California (which to those of you who have had their cupcakes ~ is a BIG compliment) . . . 
Nomélie is a small, family run artisan cupcakery. Everything is created in small batches with great care. They sift everything by hand, and Selah's sister makes all the frostings.  They incorporate buttermilk into all of their batters, and they use Mexican vanilla beans. There are no pre-made products in their batches, only the finest ingredients; and they try to use local products whenever they can find them – summer time is big for local fruit.
You can actually taste the QUALITY of the ingredients in their cupcakes! 
I LOVE that their cupcake MENU changes daily! With so many yummy cupcake selections to choose from . . . it was hard to pick just one, so we bought a few (smile).

~ Charley chose a Vanilla LOVE Cupcake with blue sprinkles ~
She LOVES her little box!

~ I chose a TUXEDO, BUCKEYE, & MAPLE Spice cupcake ~

The BUCKEYE is one of their most popular cupcakes!
It's a delicious, moist chocolate cupcake filled with 
a sweet, creamy peanut butter frosting,
and then topped with chocolate ganache 
and sprinkled with a soft chocolate peanut butter candy.

Be sure and stop by Nomélie Cupcakes 
in Old Town Parker, Colorado, the next time you visit!

bon appetit!

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