Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lauren Jane turned 2!

Our Lauren Jane turned 2! 

We had an intimate celebration . . . 

and invited her best friend "Giraffe" . . . and a few of her other close friends (and family) to join us for a day filled with birthday fun!  
~ meet Lauren's best-friend, "Giraffe" ~

~ and close friends "Froggie" and "Monkey" ~

 Our morning began with "birthday pancakes" . . . YUM!   
~ buttermilk pancakes with mini chocolate chips ~
topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with confetti 


Our youngest little lady is just that . . . little . . . and petite.  

She's our doll baby . . . a daddy's girl. 

Lauren Jane spends the majority of her days keeping up with her 3 year old brother and 5 year old sister!  And she does a great job at it too!  
She started asking "Why?" a few weeks ago . . . and I shake my head & giggle every time she asks me! Can she really be entering the "why" phase already!?   
We adore her sweet smile . . . big, long, warm hugs . . . and playfulness.

Lauren Jane's 1st birthday was full of sunshine and pinwheels!
And her 2nd birthday was also celebrated with beautiful, bright colors! 

Take a close look at the cupcake centerpiece!

It's a piece of art! Thanks, Emily!

I dressed up the cupcake centerpiece with pink paper medallions and white hydrangeas

So bright and happy!

~ I LOVE these paper medallions  ~
I glued them onto wooden sticks 
~ fun birthday candy skewers ~

~ lots of candy confetti ~

~ birthday dinner menu ~

a hot dog bar
with condiments, including chili
Hawaiian BBQ chips
nestled in polka dot cupcake liners
fresh pineapple & maraschino cherry skewers


~ the kids LOVED these skewers!! ~

Lauren's birthday cake was inspired by a Polka Dot Cake I saw on Pinterest, 
except I created a . . . 

made with 
Key Lime sherbert
Mandarin Orange sherbert
& Raspberry sorbet
with a Vanilla Wafer cookie crust
and topped with fresh whipped cream & heart confetti

Our night ended with lots of gifts, fun, and laughter!

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby girl!
I love you, Mum
yes, sometimes she calls me "Mum!" . . . and I LOVE it!

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